Jupiter Oxygen NEWS

05/24/09 :: Copenhagen, Denmark

Meet with Jupiter Oxygen’s CEO, Dietrich M. Gross, at the World Business Summit on Climate Change

World Business Summit on Climate Change
Shaping the Sustainable Economy
Copenhagen, 24-26 May 2009

The World Business Summit on Climate Change is what promises to be the most important business gathering on climate change in 2009. Business leaders are meeting at a critical juncture, just six months before political leaders will gather at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen to negotiate an ambitious agreement on climate change. At the same time the world is in the middle of the most serious economic crisis in decades.

The purpose of the World Business Summit on Climate Change is to address these two challenges at the same time: how to stimulate a green recovery and put the global community on a path to a prosperous and sustainable low-carbon future. Over the course of three days, business leaders will engage in the discussion on how the challenges of climate change can be turned into opportunity – a paradigm shift that has the potential to mark the beginning of the next industrial revolution, this time a green one.

Discussions at the Summit will look at what policies, incentives and investments can most effectively stimulate low-carbon growth, positioning the global community for a green recovery and a sustainable economy.