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09/21/2015 :: Washington DC, USA

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation (JOC) is one of the sponsors of the 6th US-India Energy Partnership Summit, themed ‘US-India: Past Cooperation, Future Strategies and New Opportunities”.

The Summit is taking place on September 21 in Washington DC and will be an opportune occasion to review and define relations between US and India, the two vibrant democracies ahead of the coining of the Sustainable Development Goals. With the presence of dignitaries Mr Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Minister for Coal, Power and Renewable Energy, Government of India and Dr Ernest Moniz, United States Secretary of Energy, the Summit will be a continuation of the bilateral discussions held earlier in the day.

The Summit includes three focused thematic tracks comprising 1. Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment, 2. Renewable Energy & Financing Clean Energy and 3. Carbon Capture, Commoditization and Utilization. The Summit is being hosted on the heels of the US India Energy Dialogue in Washington. The three thematic tracks will be followed by a High Level Corporate Dialogue that will bring together leaders from industry as well as government and academia to discuss the role of business in sustainable development and furthering the energy partnership between the two countries.

Jupiter Oxygen will present a “Low carbon growth strategy, based on carbon capture, and CO2 utilization Technologies.

Meet with Jupiter Oxygen representatives, Dietrich Gross (CEO), Thomas Weber (President), and Shishir Tamotia (India Advisor). JOC’s oxy-combustion based carbon capture technologies in conjunction with CO2 utilization offer economic solutions to substantially mitigate CO2 emissions. Co-benefits from applying those technologies to fossil fuel power plants will be air pollutant control and CO2 recycling or permanent CO2 storage. Jupiter Oxygen is engaged in demonstration project activities in the U.S., India, China and Mexico.

To arrange a meeting with Jupiter Oxygen representatives at the Summit, please send an email to info@jupiteroxygen.com

For registration, please visit the Summit Invitation Flyer at: US-India Summit 2015

For US – India Summit outcomes, please visit TERI North America