Jupiter Oxygen NEWS

06/06/2016 :: Manila, Philippines

ADB, USAID, and the Korea Energy Agency have organized the eleventh Asia Clean Energy Forum with the aim of sharing best practices in policy, technology, and finance to meet the region’s climate and energy security challenges. For details see http://www.asiacleanenergyforum.org/

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation (JOC) is participating at the Asia Clean Energy Forum and is presenting its clean coal technology development at the CCS Workshop on June 6.

JOC’s presentation title is “Transition toward a Low-Carbon Society in Asia: Oxy-Combustion Carbon Capture & CO2 Utilization”.

Meet with Jupiter Oxygen representative, Shishir Tamotia (India Advisor), and discuss JOC’s oxy-combustion based carbon capture technologies that offer in conjunction with CO2 utilization, economic solutions today to substantially mitigate CO2 emissions. Co-benefits applying those technologies to fossil fuel power plants will be air pollutant control and CO2 recycling or permanent CO2 storage.

Jupiter Oxygen is engaged in demonstration project activities in the U.S., India, China and Mexico. Please contact Jupiter Oxygen at info@jupiteroxygen.com