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The use of fossil fuel for the production of electrical power has traditionally been viewed as being at odds with environmental requirements.There is no fundamental reason why electric power generation must cause pollution. Jupiter Oxygen Corporation has developed a proprietary painted oxy-fueled combustion method applied to power generation boilers.

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation is a U.S. based clean energy technology company specializing in high flame temperature oxy-combustion and carbon capture technologies. It's patented technology uses oxygen instead of air with a high flame temperature for more efficient heat transfer and cost effective carbon capture for the retrofit of coal and natural gas fired boilers and furnaces. This results in more efficient boiler and furnace operations with near zero emissions.

Visionary Innovation

Jupiter Oxygen's potented technology development, i.e., using a high flame temperature oxy-fuel combustion process for maximizing heat transfer in industrial furnaces and boilers, results in ultra low levels of key pollutants while removing the barriers for carbon capture. The technology provides the pathway for an environmentally friendly and economically sound power plant policy.

Unique Approach

  • Undiluted high flame temperature
  • Maximized heat transfer effectiveness
  • Improved efficiency of burner and boiler
  • Advanced flame stability
  • Achieved fuel & Cost Savings

Jupiter Oxygen's approach avoid replication of an air-fired equivalency through the introduction of recycled flue gas into the oxygen stream to the burner, that :

  • Reduces flame temperature, thus reducing radiation quality and quantity
  • Results in less energy available for heat transfer in the boiler

Economic and Environmental Solutions

Jupiter Oxygen's patented Clean Coal technology provides economic and environmental solutions for existing coal fired power plants resulting in near zero emissions

  • 95% capture of CO₂
  • 99% Sulfur removal
  • 90% Mercury removal
  • 99% Removal of all Particulates
  • No Air. No Nitrogen - Ultra Low Nitrous Oxides without coslty back-end control
  • Less Fuel used to produce steam
  • Flue Gas exhaust from the Boiler is 1/4 of Air-Fired
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Research Results

Economic analysis of a modeled high temperature oxy-fuel combustion system using a 96% oxygen stream input, recycling the boiler flue gas stream, and capturing 99+% of the CO₂ (make the 2 a sub) as liquid indicated that the approach is competitive with other zero-emission power plant designs.



Oxy-Fuel Exhaust :






Computer modeling indicates that an advanced high temperature oxy-fuel system using denitrified air (96% oxygen) and recycle of the combustion gas produces a combustion product that is 61% CO₂ and 33% H₂O. The water can be easily condensed, leaving a CO₂ rich combustion product gas.

Process and Innovation:


The Use of Fossil Fuel for the production of electrical power has traditionally been viewed as being at odds with environmental requirements. There is no fundamental reason why electric power generation must cause pollution. Jupiter Oxygen Corporation has developed a proprietary patented oxy-fueled combustion method applied to power generation boilers. Jupiter's Oxy-Fuel Combustion Process employs a relatively simple concept in which substantially pure oxygen for the combustion process(in the absence of air) is used to oxidize the fuel. There are several important advantages of using an oxygen gas mixture other than air :

* Lack of Nitrogen in the gas mixture reduces NOx

* Increased O2 content reduces the mass of combustion products

* Recirculation of flue gas offers the potential to recover substanttial amounts of heat otherwise lost up the stack

* O2 content can be adjusted to change the Flame Temperature and control Radiant Heat Transfer.

Jupiter Oxygen’s patented oxy-fuel combustion system is capable of economically generating power from coal with ultra-low emissions and increased boiler efficiency. Jupiter’s system uses pure oxygen as the combustion agent, excluding air and thus nitrogen, concentrating CO₂ and pollutants for efficient capture with near zero production of Nitrous Oxides, reducing exhaust mass flow, and increasing radiant heat transfer. Flue-gas recirculation rates can be varied to add flexibility to new boiler designs using this technology.

Power Generation System


It is important to take into consideration both the steam being generated and the equipment that is using that steam. Power plants operate at design steam temperatures and pressures and significant deviations from those design conditions can damage the equipment in the steam loop such as turbines and feedwater heaters. Modeling combustion under high-oxygen conditions indicates that increased flame temperatures will result, with a concurrent increase in radiant heat transfer in the boiler. Since the oxygen content of the gas supporting combustion has a direct effect on the flame temperature, it presents opportunities to ‘tune’ the flame temperature for the particular boiler system involved by varying the amount of recycled flue gas to regulate heat transfer. The significantly different heat transfer properties of flue gas, which comprises carbon dioxide, water vapor, and oxygen rather than air which is composed predominantly of nitrogen and oxygen are taken into account. The specific impact of such a system on thermal efficiency and power output is sensitive to the arrangement and relative size of heat transfer surfaces in the particular power plant being modeled.