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Technical Papers


2010 Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction in the Aluminum Remelting Industry

2008 GHGT9 Conference Results of Initial Operation of JOC 15MWthermal Burner Test Facility

2006 Clearwater Conference Integrated Pollutant Removal IPR Process for CO₂ Capture

2005 Clearwater Conference The Next Generation of Oxyfuel Boiler Systems

2005 Clearwater Conference Proof of Concept for Integrating Oxyfuel Combustion and the Removal of All Pollutants from a Coal Fired Flame

2004 Clearwater Conference Oxyfuel Combustion Systems for Pollution Free Coal Fired Power Generation

2003 Clearwater Conference JOC Technology of Coal and Other Fossil Fuels in Boilers and Furnaces

Sustainable Development


The Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, UK November 9 – 19, 2020. Look for Oxy-Fuel Combustion Technology for Carbon Capture.

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation is represented on the National Coal Council's Leadership Council

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation has been a participating delegate at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) contributing insights on the valuable place Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology has in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Oxy-Fuel System


The net result of the modeling has shown that while maintaining a constant O₂ flow rate, the flow rate of recirculated flue gas can be varied to change the heat transfer conditions, such that power plant performance can be optimized using recycled flue gas while making certain that the design conditions are met, ensuring the safe and long-term operability of the boiler. Finally, the use of oxy-fuel systems results in a post-combustion gas stream that may be processed to more easily remove all pollutants(particularly sulfur oxides, mercury and particulates - i.e. PM 2.5) and CO₂. combined with the known dramatic reductions in Nitrous Oxides, virtually emissions-free power production is the ultimate result.