Dietrich M. Gross

Chairman & CEO

Dietrich has had a long, successful history of entrepreneurship which dates back to the early 1970s when he started his first company, Mercury Stainless Corp., which he grew from a small personal investment into one of the largest privately-owned stainless-steel companies in America. After Mercury, he went on to develop business in the financial industry, with the creation of Jupiter Mortgage Corp., which over 10 years became a substantial participant in the secondary mortgage business.

His love of manufacturing however brought him back to focusing on his roots as a metals producer, and he founded Jupiter Aluminum Corporation. from the ashes of a defunct aluminum company in 1992. Over the years that company has flourished from a small business growing into the most successful independent aluminum producer in the United States. The reach of Jupiter Aluminum expanded in 2018 with the acquisition of Baux Aluminum in Valencia, Spain.

Part of the success of Jupiter Aluminum can be attributed to the innovative technologies which he has developed there, resulting in his being named on numerous patents with which he established Jupiter Oxygen Corporation in 2001. He is the inventor of the patented technologies. Jupiter Oxygen Corporation's mission is to promote these energies saving and greenhouse gas avoidance techniques throughout industry, paying particular attention to those businesses that are highly energy intensive. Jupiter Aluminum is a licensee of Jupiter Oxygen Corporation and has been using the patented oxy-fuel technology in its aluminum melting furnaces for over 20 years, and has achieved significant fuel savings, increased production and reduction of environmental emissions.

In 2008, Dietrich Gross received the prestigious Innovative Technology Award from the Alliance to Save Energy in Washington DC.