Mark K. Schoenfield

Senior Vice-President of Operations and General Counsel

Mark Schoenfield is the Senior Vice-President of Operations and General Counsel of Jupiter Oxygen Corporation, an energy technology company with a patented heat transfer technology using oxycombustion for carbon capture, air quality, and energy efficiency for power plants and industrial furnaces.

His primary responsibility is to manage all aspects of the business under the direction of the CEO. Since 2001, Mark has managed the technical and business development of the company for application of its now patented oxy-combustion technology for power plants, industrial furnaces and waste transformation plants. This work has included the development of the Jupiter Oxygen research facilities and oxy-combustion research.  Mark testified before Congress in 2007 concerning climate change, environmental and energy security issues, and in 2008 before state legislative committees on energy policy. He continues to work closely with the United States Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. 

His numerous presentations include:
     2008 MIT Carbon Capture Forum
     2009 IEA 1st Oxy-Fuel Conference 
     2011 Clean Coal China Congress
     2013 Oxy-Fuel Conference
     2014 US-China Climate Change Working Group Beijing Workshop

He was the recipient of a Konrad Adenauer Foundation energy study trip to Germany in December, 2008.  In 2009, he was a section leader in drafting the National Coal Council policy study for the Secretary of Energy, and has been one of the drafters of their subsequent studies.

He is a member of two United States Cabinet level advisory committees: The Secretary of Energy’s National Coal Council; 2012: Chair of the Secretary of Commerce’s Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC).

Mark is the co-author of technical papers concerning energy technology.  He served as a member of the Columbia University Earth Institute CCS Task Force. Mark has been an NGO delegate and presenter at UNFCCC climate change conferences, as well as being a presenter and participant at International Energy Agency and other international and domestic meetings and conferences concerning oxy-combustion, energy efficiency and climate change, such as at the National Commission On Energy Policy.  His professional activities have included the Business Council For Sustainable Energy and the Alliance To Save Energy. He also is a co-inventor for a pending patent on oxy-combustion technology.  In August, 2009, he was appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Group.

Mark's past experience includes providing strategic and tactical business advice to businesses as an attorney; being a management consultant; teaching programs on negotiation to major businesses and law firms as well as to other business and legal professionals; being the author or co-author of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution books and articles, managing the litigation/dispute resolution practices of two law firms and being part of their management team for their overall business; and being an associate professor at Northwestern University in the School of Law and the Center for Urban Affairs.