Thomas G. Weber


Thomas Weber works directly with the CEO and the executive management team to expand Jupiter Oxygen’s clean energy business and project development in the U.S. and internationally.

Thomas represents Jupiter Oxygen as a member and stakeholder in key organizations with a focus on energy efficiency and clean energy technology, such as the Washington DC based Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), as well as the Global CCS Institute (GCCSI), and the Carbon Capture Coalition. He regularly participates as BCSE delegate at the United Nations’ Climate Change Talks. In January 2013, Thomas was elected to the Board of Directors of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

His focus on sustainability business aspects supporting clean technology development and deployment at Jupiter Oxygen includes clean technology financing, as well as carbon market and emission trade policies.

Before joining Jupiter Oxygen USA in 2004, he had sixteen years of experience in interdisciplinary project management in German companies, with 10 years at a construction firm, including as CEO. As lead project manager and then chief executive officer, Thomas had to balance economic and environmental aspects of major infrastructure and urban redevelopment projects in former East Germany with a focus on Berlin’s metropolitan area after reunification.

Thomas holds an engineering degree from Nuertingen University of Applied Science in Germany [German: Hochschule fuer Wirtschaft (economics) und Umwelt (environment) Nuertingen - Geislingen], In 2009, Thomas was awarded a Kellogg Management Institute Certificate from Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University Chicago.