Power Plants

Major benefits for retrofits and new fossil fuel and biomass power plants:

  1. NOx is greatly reduced with properly designed combustion and burner systems without any back-end emissions control technology. In fact, coal combustion NOx levels in the exit gas are below the federal goal of 0.1 Lbs/MMBtu, and are expected to be 0.05Lbs/MMBtu without any post-combustion emission controls.
  2. Flue gas exhaust from the boiler is approximately one-forth that of air-fi red boilers, making  emission capture easier, as well as more effective and economical.
  3. CO2 becomes highly concentrated, making capture easier and more economical with 95%+ capture of CO2 possible. Since air is not part of the combustion process, there is no expense to separating CO2 from air prior to compression, unlike with air firing.
  4. Elimination of key pollutant emissions: 99%+ SOx, 99%+ PM and 90%+ mercury capture
  5. Fuel efficiency is improved because nitrogen uses up a great deal of heat/energy produced by combustion. Furthermore, the patented high flame temperature process improves radiant heat transfer and therefore effi ciency. Test results from retrofitting older natural gas boilers show a 6.7% to 14.3% drop in fuel consumption in the boiler based on patented high flame temperature oxy-fuel combustion. Less fuel also means a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gases and pollutants.