Waste Transformation

Objectives & Benefits:

  1. Transform Waste into Resources
  2. Improve the Environment
  3. Create a Sustainable Industry
  • Extremely diverse types of wastes from various industries can be processed together or separately
  • All organic content of the waste is converted into energy
  • All heavy metals are immobilized and rendered non-leachable
  • Solid residue is transformed into suitable construction material
  • No limitation on type of wastes processed
  • No secondary wastes generated
  • Fully compliant with United States Clean Air Act


  • Transformation of industry waste from an industry complex into steam and construction material
  • Transformation of petroleum waste into fresh water and construction material
  • Transformation of metal industry waste into energy
  • Utilization of special industrial waste
  • Remediation of Brownfield waste
  • Beneficial utilization of municipal sewage sludge and municipal solid waste