Oxy-Fuel Research Center Hammond Test Facility

From 2006 until 2012, Jupiter Oxygen has operated a 15 MWthermal oxy-combustion test facility in Hammond, Indiana (Jupiter Oxygen’s 3rd generation oxy-fuel development unit). The unit and testing has been supported through federal funding and was conducted with the DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). The development work is based upon Jupiter Oxygen’s unique oxy-fuel combustion technology and NETL’s Integrated Pollution Removal [IPR] system. This development facility utilized a 50 MMBtu high flame temperature oxy-fuel burner that serves a 5 MWe equivalent test unit.

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation is leading the application of this unique oxy-fuel technology with carbon capture worldwide and provides developmental engineering for oxy-combustion power plant retrofits as well as new build plants.

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