Ongoing Research, Development and Demonstration Work

In cooperation with the NETL and industry partners, Jupiter Oxygen is advancing the creation of a close to zero emission fossil fuel power plant, limiting NOx, SOx, particulate and mercury emissions to ultra-low levels based upon Jupiter’s unique high flame temperature oxy-fuel process..


  • 2004 to 2006: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with U.S. DOE – NETL

(DOE CRADA #04-08-JUP)

    • Objective: To share expertise in the fields of fossil-fuel power plants and fossil fuel-fired burners


  • 2006 to 2012: Oxy-Combustion Burner and Integrated Pollutant Removal Research and Development Test Facility, Hammond IN

(DOE Cooperative Agreement No: DE-FC26-06NT42811)


    • Objectives:
      • To operate an oxy-combustion test facility built around a 15 MWth steam boiler (first on natural gas and then on coal)


      • A pilot scale demonstration of CO2 capture system was developed with USDOE NETL.


      • Parametric studies performed at the facility demonstrated the feasibility of Jupiter Oxygen’s high flame temperature oxy-combustion technology for boiler firing and generated technical data necessary for scale-up and optimization. In addition, the test facility provided a platform for high flame temperature burner development.


  • 2015 to 2018: “Characterizing Impacts of High Temperatures and Pressures in Oxy-coal Combustion Systems”

(DOE Cooperative Agreement No. DE-FE0025168)

Reaction Engineering International / University of Utah / Praxair /  Jupiter Oxygen Corporation


    • Objective: “To perform multi-scale experiments, mechanism development, and computational fluid dynamics modeling to generate modeling tools and mechanism capable of describing high-temperature and -pressure oxy-coal combustion.”