Technology Development

In 1997, Jupiter’s technology moved from invention to daily use in large industrial melting furnaces, Since 2001, Jupiter has taken its technology from industrial furnaces to fossil fuel steam boilers and electric power plant applications. In 2002, the company tested its oxy-fuel technology in a steam boiler using oxygen instead of air, firing with both natural gas and coal. These successful power plant quality steam tests were followed by additional testing in 2004 that proved that it is both practical and cost effective to capture CO2. Jupiter has achieved its developmental goals for its patented oxy-fuel technology with coal and other fossil fuels, i.e. to greatly reduce NOx and other pollutant emissions even without carbon capture, prove that CO2 can be effectively and economically captured, and to improve boiler energy efficiency in order to save fuel. The results demonstrate a practical and economic solution to clean up fossil fuel power plants carbon emissions and key pollutants in an integrated system.

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