About Jupiter Oxygen

Jupiter Oxygen is a privately held Illinois company that has developed and pioneered a revolutionary technology that makes it both practical and cost effective for electric power plants to capture CO2, have ultra low emissions and save fuel. Jupiter Oxygen is a recognized leader in the development, application and use of oxy-fuel technology worldwide. Jupiter’s expertise lies in its continued research, development and everyday use of oxy-fuel combustion.

Experimenting and developing the patented oxy-fuel process began in the mid-1990’s as a way to cut fuel costs and lower emissions at an aluminum recycling and manufacturing business and a patent licensee. Jupiter’s technology has been in use at the aluminum plant since 1997, and is now emerging as the most promising environmental control technology for use in both coal and gas fired electric power plants.

By replacing air with almost pure oxygen in the combustion process, heat transfer is maximized, and energy efficiency is significantly improved. Flue gas volumes are substantially reduced, and CO2 is concentrated. This unique process enables 95% of CO2 emission reduction, and key air pollutant control for coal-fired power plants. Jupiter has worked for almost two decades with international experts in government and industry to advance low-carbon energy solutions for coal.

Jupiter Oxygen realizes that coal is an important component for energy security in the US and in many countries internationally. Jupiter Oxygen is further motivated by the International Energy Agency’s annual World Energy Outlook, which projects increased coal consumption in emerging economies, such as India, for the next decades. Providing cost-effective carbon capture solutions for coal-fired power plants will be crucial for achieving ambitious environmental and global climate protection goals.

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