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Jupiter Oxygen’s patented high flame temperature oxy-fuel combustion system is a technology within the larger Carbon Capture industry. The increased heat used with near pure Oxygen in the combustion process allows for the capture of not only CO2 , but also Nitrous Oxides, Sulfur Oxides, Mercury and Particulate Matter. Our innovative technology will have an important role in repairing the ecosystem for a more sustainable world. Jupiter Oxygen’s technology provides the means to meet the energy demands of growing economies. Access to affordable clean energy for the world’s one billion people currently without a reliable energy source is just one benefit of this technology.

Climate Change Mitigation

Jupiter Oxygen’s Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology will play a critical role in the mitigation of global climate change. Reversing the GHG (greenhouse gas) effect, responsible for increasing the earth’s average temperature, requires reliable, authoritative, and accessible technologies whose applications offer security, sustainability and affordability. Our technology is the step-change needed by the future global energy system.

Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture is the process of capturing anthropogenic (man-made) CO₂ from emissions of industrial facilities. Carbon Capture is a proven technology for large scale reduction of CO 2 emissions. When Near-pure Oxygen is utilized in the combustion process (Oxy-Fuel) the process of capturing carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere is simplified. Installing carbon capture facilities and the systems to store or utilize the CO 2 can reposition more carbon-intensive imported crude oil.

Cost Reduction

Cost is currently cited as the primary impediment preventing the application of advanced technologies for climate change mitigation. Over the past two decades, Jupiter Oxygen has made the critical investment in our technology with a more economically viable advantage; lower running costs. Further, retrofits to carbon capture extend the life of the plant while lowering emissions while maintaining jobs and redeploying skills in the energy industry.

Innovative Green Energy

The demand for Clean Energy Transformation requires decarbonized power. Jupiter Oxygen’s innovative Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology features significantly in every low carbon scenario. Our technology is a linked Climate and Energy initiative which will result in an economically efficient and carbon neutral energy supply. Our pragmatic and practical approach will maximize the environmental benefits with Near Zero Emission power plants.

Clean Power & Energy

While the global energy trend is changing and the energy mix is being re-defined, fossil fuels are forecasted to continue to play a major part in the energy mix. Successful sustainable energy technologies require whole-chain coordination and cooperation. This is why Jupiter Oxygen is partnering with some of the most progressive engineering and energy companies with a focus on meeting the rising energy demand with innovative technologies.


From 2006 until 2012, Jupiter Oxygen has operated a 15 MWthermal oxy-combustion test facility in Hammond, Indiana (Jupiter Oxygen's 3rd generation oxy-fuel development unit). The unit and testing has been supported through federal funding and was conducted with the DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory(NETL). The development work is based upon Jupiter Oxygen's unique oxy-fuel combustion technology and NETL's Integrated Pollution Removal[IPR] system.

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Jupiter Oxygen Corporation is leading the application of this unique oxy-fuel technology with carbon capture worldwide and provides developmental engineering for oxy-combustion power plant retrofits as well as new build plants. Jupiter Oxygen is advancing the creation of a close to zero emission fossil fuel power plant, limiting NOx, SOx, particulate and mercury emissions to ultra-low levels based upon Jupiter's unique high flame temperature oxy-fuel process.

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Jupiter Oxygen’s patented high flame temperature oxy-fuel combustion technology creates more efficient heat transfer for industrial furnaces with moderate process temperatures. Improved efficiency is due to elimination of airborne nitrogen, more radiant heat transfer, and longer gas residence time. In the aluminum recycling furnaces using technology licensed by JOC, equivalent production was achieved with exciting economic results.

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Our Executive Team has decades of Experience with Oxy-Fuel Combustion Process for new and retrofit Power Plants

Jupiter Oxygen's patented oxy-fuel combustion technology creates more efficient heat transfer for industrial furnaces with moderate process temperatures. The improved efficiency is due to the elimination of airborne nitrogen, more radiant heat transfer

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Our Technology

In 1997, Jupiter’s technology moved from invention to daily use in large industrial melting furnaces, Since 2001, Jupiter has taken its technology from industrial furnaces to fossil fuel steam boilers and electric power plant applications. In 2002, the company tested its oxy-fuel technology in a steam boiler using oxygen instead of air, firing with both natural gas and coal. These successful power plant quality steam tests were followed by additional testing in 2004 that proved that it is both practical and cost effective to capture CO₂. Jupiter has achieved its developmental goals for its patented oxy-fuel technology with coal and other fossil fuels, i.e. to greatly reduce NOx and other pollutant emissions even without carbon capture, prove that CO₂ can be effectively and economically captured, and to improve boiler energy efficiency in order to save fuel. The results demonstrate a practical and economic solution to clean up fossil fuel power plants carbon emissions and key pollutants in an integrated system.

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